Renter's Insurance

Is Renter’s Insurance worth it?  

 One of the most overlooked things that roommates tend not to do is purchase
renter’s insurance. The costs are usually quite minimal and certainly worth
considering as most landlords’ insurance policies don’t cover their tenants’
belongings and more.

 One valuable piece of advice is to arrange for your insurance to go into effect on
the day that you move into your new place. It’s also a good idea to discuss this
with your roommate, as he or she may have also let this fall by the wayside. And
when your best friend trips on a rug and breaks a leg, who wants to be surprised
by a bill for what could amount to thousands of dollars?

Renter’s insurance can help with things like:

Natural Disasters (renter’s insurance can pay for temporary housing.)


Fire caused by neglect.

Work/Business Equipment (if you own business equipment such as a computer
Go into your next roommate situation prepared for the unforeseen and you’ll be
starting off on the right foot. Nobody wants to file a claim or have one filed against
them simply because there was no insurance coverage. Even though insurance is
an “intangible,” you’ll be buying yourself peace-of-mind and protecting not just
your valuables, but perhaps even friendships as well.

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