Because of the rising home prices we developed a program that would help you save
money and in most cases you'll be able to have instant equity in the property once you
close on it.  

One of the draw backs to most Rent-To-Own programs is that the only homes that are
available, are homes that sellers own and are willing to do a Rent-To-Own with the buyer.  
This really limites the buyers choices as to homes that they could choose from.  Also be
careful of owners doing rent-to-own programs.  A lot of them will want to adjust the price of
the home to Market Value at the time you decide to buy the property.  Caution!  Something
to watch out for is if the owner is having you make your payment directly to him.  There
have been cases where the buyer has made the payment directly to the seller and the
seller has not paid the mortgage payment.  The buyer wasn't aware and the home went into
foreclosure.  The buyer lost all of there down payment monies and had to move out of the

So what we've done is develop a Rent-To-Own program that gives the buyer a choice of
any home that is currently for Sale on the MLS or For Sale By Owner.  We are able to do
this by developing a group of investors that will purchase the home for you and lease it
back to you with an option to purchase.  We use a third party Escrow Company that you
make your payment to each month. Then the Escrow Company sends the payment to the
Mortgage Company insuring that payment is being made.  

New construction works great for both the investor and you (the buyer).  As the buyer you
can choose your own interior and exterior colors.  If you need help with a down payment it's
easy to include sweat equity.  Also all new homes come with a 1 year structural and
mechanical warranty.  That means that anything that should go wrong with the home
including plumbing, electrical, appliances would be covered under the builders warranty.  
We can also include in the price of the home blinds, fencing, sprinkler systems, fridges,
garage door openers, landscaping etc.   Don't think that you have to wait for your home to
be built (unless you want to build it from scratch).  New construction includes any existing
homes that haven't been lived in.

How does the program work?  

You decide on a home that we help you find.  The payment is figured based on the Sales
Price of the home.(The listed price that the investor buys it for).  Depending on the investor
they will require
a $5,000 down payment and the first months lease payment prior to
occupying.  The down payment will be credited back to you at the time you close on the
property.  You'll have 1-3 years to qualify to buy the home.  You'll make a minimum payment
to the third party escrow company each month.   If you would like to pay more than the
minimum payment and have it credited towards the sales price of the home when you buy it,
you may do so.  You as the buyer will be responsible for all utilities and repairs to the
property.  You will have the right to landscape, paint and decorate as you please as long as
it is within the CC&R's set by the subdivision that the property is located in.   Once you
become qualified to purchase the home you notify the investor and close on the home.  It's
as easy as that.

So what are the advantages?

1.)  You get to choose the home thats right for you.
2.)  The Sales price doesn't increase while your Leasing the property.
3.)  You gain equity in your home when home prices increase or by doing improvements to
the home.
4.)  You have the freedom to decorate and make improvements to your home.
5.)  Your monthly Lease payment will not increase during the Lease Option period.  (Most
rentals have a yearly rate increase).
6.)  You save on moving expenses.
7.)  Pride of ownership

For more information about this program please contact us.                       
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