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At Gemstone Investment Management we understand how much your investment is
worth and we manage it as if it were a "precious gem."  The following services that are
listed are standard services that we provide to all of our customers.  After reviewing
the list of services we think you would agree that your investment will be in the hands
of professionals that care.
                                                           Services Included:

  • Application Screening:  We screen every applicant to ensure that you are getting the best fit for
    your property.

  • Background Checks:  We go the extra mile to do background checks on all applicants so you know
    exactly who is occupying your investment property.

  • Rental History Checks:  The past will normally tell the future and that's why we do extensive rental
    history checks so you won't loose money on your investment.

  • Credit Checks:  Every applicant will have a credit check so we will know their pay history before they
    occupy your property.

  • Bi-Annual Property Inspections:  We will physically inspect the property twice a year to ensure that
    your property is being maintained and that repairs are being made as needed.

  • Weekly Drive By Property Inspections:  We drive by every property every week to ensure that
    CC&R's and outside property maintenance is being done.

  • Professional Maintenance Services and Cleaning Contractors:  We work with only the best
    professionals in the valley when it comes to maintenance or cleaning.  This ensures that your
    investment will always be in tip-top shape.

  • Monthly Rent Collection:  We go the extra mile to make sure that you receive your monthly rent
    payments on time.

  • Advertising:  There is never a fee to you.  We spare no expense when it comes to advertising your
    property for future applicants.

  • Licensed Realtor:  Property management companies are not required to be licensed in the state of
    Idaho.  So, if you have problems with receiving your rents or falsified invoices for repairs and
    maintenance, you really don't have any re-course except small claims court and court will usually cost
    you more time and money than the damages you are going to receive.  Having a licensed Realtor
    ensures you that the company will be held to standards set by the National Association of Realtors.  
    Which gives you a place to voice and settle disputes without any costs to you.  Also a licensed Realtor
    has tools to list and determine the market value on your property which will equate to shorter vacancy
    periods and higher rents.

  • Free Rent Evaluation:  Contact us and we will do a free rent evaluation that will give you the  
    advantage on the competition.
Davy Thomsen
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